Unexspected Winter Wonderland

It’s a quiet Friday night. That’s where today’s story begins. On my way back home from work I listen to the radio. While doing so, I dangerously distract passing cars, because I look like a mad man behind wheels. I am dancing and singing at the top of my voice to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you”. And I do this as awkwardly as I possibly can. But I don’t care – it’s the beginning of the weekend after all.

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Masculine Botanicals – Aesop for Men Review

“Naughty boy!” I called myself. “You’ve been a very naughty boy!” I yelled, spanked myself softly, and then looked with sparkling eyes at my shopping bag from Aesop! This bittersweet moment when your mind wants to tell you that you’ve spent way too much money on skincare products but is overpowered by the mere joy […]

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Dawn of Fall – Mens Burgundy Jacket

What I can live without? Temperature fluctuations! I can cope with hot weather and also deal with the cold. But having to switch from a late summer’s attire to a protective fall outfit in less than 24 hours is something I could easily do without.

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