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“Naughty boy!” I called myself. “You’ve been a very naughty boy!” I yelled, spanked myself softly, and then looked with sparkling eyes at my shopping bag from Aesop! This bittersweet moment when your mind wants to tell you that you’ve spent way too much money on skincare products but is overpowered by the mere joy of your heart. It’s addictive.

Still, I can justify my purchase easily. As your skin gets used to the products it is being exposed to, you should spice things up every once in a while. And since seasonal changes in weather are putting our skin under lots of stress, I’ve decided to change to this new Aesop skincare routine. These goodies are now empty after months of testing, so I am happy to share my Aesop for Men Review with you.


I am a Victim of Aesthetics

It comes as no surprise that I am an easy target for flawless design and packaging. Any sales associate who is selling Aesop products has already won half the battle simply because these items are visually so appealing. Its minimal packaging meets maximum impact in their stores. Have a look at Aesop’s Taxonomy of Design microsite. Aren’t these spaces gorgeous? You can really feel how much effort they’ve put into their creative processes, materials, features and collaborations with the designers and architects.

Anyways, as you’ve probably guessed, I am obsessed with Aesop’s old-fashioned pharmacy style packaging. It is simple. chic, and makes me happy every morning when I look at it.


A bottle that Comes with Service

Speaking of stores – I’ve been to my local store here in Düsseldorf. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten the name of my SA but she has been sooo sweet and has delivered impeccable service. She really took her time explaining the entire product range to me. She’s made an effort understanding my skin and my preferences before advising me on the products she thought would suit me best. She also made sure to distract Oliver (who doesn’t appreciate being dragged into a store watching his boyfriend going crazy over expensive cosmetics). 😉


My Botanicals of Choice

So what did I actually buy? Aesop offers a range of different skincare products, so you can imagine that I’ve had quite a difficult time deciding on which products to get. In the end I went for:

Aesop for Men Review


Peppery shower

The Coriander Seed Body Cleanser is a refreshing and low-foaming delight that suits all skin types. Crushed coriander seeds and black peppercorn give this cleanser an amazingly woody and spicy scent. I like using it particularly in the mornings as the scent leaves me feeling quite stimulated and ready to conquer the day ahead.

Aesop for Men Review


Cleanse and tone

The Fabulous Face Cleanser and B & Tea Balancing Toner make a great team and work very well for me. The cleanser is mild, gentle, and low-foaming for sensitive to normal skin. In combination with my Foreo Luna, it leaves my Skin feeling sensationally clean. The only downside to this: I sometimes struggled to get the right amount of product out of the bottle as this size does not come with a pump. I really hope they consider changing this in the future.

The B & Tea Balancing Toner – and this surprised me – turned out to be my favourite product. I am usually not a big fan of toners, but this one is different. Unlike other toners you do not apply this to a cotton pad and wipe it across your face. Instead you apply a generous amount onto the palms of your hands and then dab the product gently into your skin. Apart from the delicious herbaceous scent, ingredients such as panthenol really balances out my complexion. So, thumbs up for this fella. However, I can’t find the toner on Aesop’s website anymore. I really hope they didn’t stop producing it.

Aesop for Men Review

Lightweight Mandarin
The Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream has done a great job with my skin as well. Its lightweight, citrus oil-infused formula works perfectly for normal to combination skin. Again, again, again…it smells amazing and so far has kept my skin moisturized throughout the day. It is absorbed quickly into the skin and definitely brought back some life to my dull skin complexion. This definitely is a moisturizer I’d recommend.
Aesop for Men Review
Aesop for Men Review – A Devotee’s Verdict
Sp, what are my final thoughts for this Aesop for Men Review? Well, I don’t recommend things lightly but this is certainly a skincare brand I’d recommend to anyone who is looking to invest into some high-quality products. Will it turn your leathery face into a baby’s bottom? Probably not but it comes pretty close. 😉
As I have mentioned earlier, I’ve gone through all of my products and I’ll probably will go soon back to the store to start a new skincare routine. That’s how much I adore these product at the moment. And whilst Aesop charges at quite a high price point, I know I won’t regret a dime spend.
So, what are your experiences with Aesop? What is your favourite product?


Aesop for Men Review

Aesop for Men Review

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