Ancient Trails

My lungs burn. While taking in the cool air that hovers underneath the treetops, my system flushes out all these urban toxins my body and soul were exposed to over the past few months. I love the city; I like being busy. However, while we constantly enjoy many privileges only urban life has to offer, we tend to ignore these opulent treasures only a few places unfold.




The Ancient Trails of Muir Woods

So here I am, walking the ancient trails of Muir Woods with its scenic views, rustic structures and memorials that weave stories of people and nature. Just a 30 minute drive of San Francisco, we are now surrounded by cultural and natural heritage. So we take a long hike.

Not long after we march off, I already feel exhaustion creeping up. I stay focused though. Or rather I don’t. While my body is trekking along these fascinating trees, my mind seems to be taken back those 150 million years these Reedwoods have been around. And let me tell you, there is no distraction in those places!

It’s nice. It’s quiet. I breathe. No, I mean… I really breathe! Consciously and fully aware of it, enjoying the view of my urban life in the distance.


ancient trails

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