Blue Lumberjack Sunday Vibes

Blue Lumberjack Shirt by Selected



Sometimes I do wonder if I need an additional day between Saturday and Sunday! 🙂

As so often in life, I feel time is passing by way too quickly. During the week, work keeps us busy anyways and I find it quite difficult to get other things done. Don’t we all have just so many things on our agenda: work, cooking healthily, getting in shape by going into the gym… the day only has 24 hours after all.

Saturday Madness

Thus it so happens that I often find myself being incredibly busy and stressed out on Saturdays: preparing a rich breakfast, making that one phone call to that friend, meeting up for a coffee downtown, shopping, getting groceries, working on the blog and many other things. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy those things however, my recent Saturdays were gone in no time.

Lumberjack Prescription

Eventually, although not being a doctor, I have prescribed myself a day of relaxation and inertia per week. This means my Sundays are best spend in comfy clothes and with lots of Netflix on the couch! 🙂

As I do wear rather formal shirts during the week, this blue lumberjack shirt by SELECTED is the perfect companion on a proper Netflix-marathon. The fabric is so soft and comfy, it’s almost like snuggling up into a blanket whilst looking on point, of course. So, until someone shows me how to add that extra days to my week, this looks like some damn good alternative to me.

Enjoy what’s left of this weekend and remember: a Sunday well spend brings a week of content. 😉





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