Yet Another Rite of Passage – Welcome to the Bowtie Club

In one of my recent posts, I have talked about the late summer’s tie must haves. Damn, I was proud as Punch considering this being one of my very first posts on this blog whilst showing the world that I have successfully moved into adulthood by knowing a thing or two about ties. Little did I know about the rite of passage I had still to go through…

Welcome to the Bowtie Club

Having demonstrated my passion for delicate knots, my blogpost caught the attention of Kirk Hinckley – founder of The Bowtie Club. He kindly asked me to review a few of his bowties. Obviously I could not resist since bow ties are one of the most iconic and elaborate garments in men’s fashion. So, without any further ado, let’s enter The Bowtie Club.

 The Bowtie Club

 Kirk Hinckley

But first things first: let me introduce you to Kirk Hinckley. After having worked at Brooks Brothers, Nordstroms and Joseph Bank Clothiers, Kirk came to realize that the bow tie market was being ignored by the stores and that the bow tie wearer deserved and desperately needed a better selection of quality bow ties. He knew that a mail order catalog available worldwide could bring the community of bow tie wearers together so that he could offer an incredible selection of bow ties. In 1994 the concept became reality and the Bow Tie Club was born!

His lovely wife Corinne designs all the bow ties. Her 20 years of experience in graphic design and her work as an artist help inspire the designs.

Nice to Meet You Mr. President

Unsurprisingly, high quality is of utmost importance to The Bowtie Club which is reflected by the high quality designs as well as the quality of silk. All design patterns are exclusively designed by The Bowtie Club and their raw silk is custom-made into cloth to their specifications.

How to measure quality, you ask? Well, “momme” is the unit used to grade silk quality. It is extremely important to check the momme weight of silk linen before purchase. Silk linen that has a low momme grade will not be as durable as silk linen with a higher grade. Furthermore, high grade silk allows more dye to be absorbed into the silk, creating brighter and more vivid colors. The Bowtie Club’s bow ties have 22 momme which is one of the highest quality grades that I know of.  In comparison, Hermes ties are made with 21 momme graded silk.

And this quality shows…literally! Over the past 20 years, The Bowtie Club has made bow ties for many notable individuals including Congressmen, Supreme Court Justices and even a couple of Presidents!



My Rite of Passage aka How to Tie a Bow Tie

So here I am, sitting in front of my parcel waiting in the wings like a child on Christmas Morning. I mean, The Bowtie Club sells over 400 unique designs in 48 variations including pre-tied, clip-on, tie your own, longer neck, shorter neck, larger and smaller neck, diamond point, straight edge etc. Thus, I was a little anxious as to whether or not I would like the designs. However, immediately after unwrapping the parcel, I fell in love with the designs. Lucky me! But…wait a second…what? I’ve gotten “tie your owns”. Well, that’s just great: here I am, trying to show you guys some great men’s accessories and bluntly coming to realize that I haven’t tied a bow tie in my life.

Thankfully, I have found this video on YouTube, showing me how to wear these great bow ties properly. And you know what? I think, they actually look amazing. So, if you are looking for a one-stop-shop for great bow ties, make sure to visit Kirk and Corinne at And don’t be afraid – it’s just yet another rite of passage. 🙂









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