Man of Today – Boss Bottled Intense Review

As Summer is slowly fading away, we are welcoming fall with our arms wide open. I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to this upcoming fall – boots, jumpers, and pumpkin spice latte. Fall is also my favourite season when it comes to scents. With summer fading, we are also more welcoming to warm, spicy, and slightly heavier scents.

And this season, Hugo Boss will launch its new Hugo Boss Bottled Intense Eau de Parfum (EdP). Here in Germany, it will be available on October 17th. In collaboration with Flaconi I was able to test this scent prior to its launch and give you an exclusive preview on what you can expect from this new gem in the cologne aisle.

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Hell/Dunkel Open Air Festival with Bench

Remember being envious of those who were able to attend Coachella while you were sitting at home? Yeah, I can relate! 😉 Since then my ultimate goal had been to find an adequate festival to compensate for my coachella-absence. Luckily, I got invited to Hell/Dunkel Open Air.

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Yellow Shoes for the Indecisive

Neither fish nor fowl, I feel this summer has been a little unpredictable. Most days feel like gambling – not being sure if the chosen outfit would match the actual weather. One could claim the sun has been very indecisive, but who am I to blame? I can be quite indecisive myself, for instance when […]

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