Suited Flowers – A Story of Trial and Error

It’s a Sunday morning and those early, warm rays of sun are caressing my skin. I’d blink with an eye – internally debating whether to stay in those heavenly blankets or whether to get up early. Of course, the latter it is. After my 15-minute morning yoga routine I am all set, indulging in my fresh, homemade detox smoothie and ready to start the day. Today, I am going to shoot another outfit for the blog. A piece of cake, considering I am a self-proclaimed men’s fashion expert.

First, I would choose the core piece…that one item the look will be built on. Obviously, I choose those lovely, floral pants. Flowers and floral pieces are still trending…not indefinitely…but still long enough to dedicate at least one more blogpost to it. Sure? Yeah, I simply know those kind of things. I am an expert on menswear after all.

The rest is second nature. My mind is already thinking “shooting locations” whilst my hands are picking the complementary fashion items to orchestrate this impeccable look.

I am satisfied with this outfit. Especially since I put it together so easily. You – on the other hand – are still wondering whether what you read right now is for real …or a hoax.

Awww, I knew I couldn’t fool you. This is all bulls**t.

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Life without Aviation? – AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane

I wonder what my life would look like without those tremendous developments within the aviation industry. The Wright brothers made the first sustained, controlled, powered heavier-than-air manned flight in 1903. Just a few decades later, we board planes like a duck takes the water. And since low-cost carriers have disrupted the industry, flying has become […]

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Naval Stroke of Luck

Everything in life has its assets and drawbacks, and blogging is no exception to this. Blogging can be quite challenging at times. I am not going to lie about this, but I am not going to whine about this either. Eventually, it has been my own choice to create this creative outlet next to a […]

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Get things done

How to Get Sh*t Done on Sundays

ENG | Yepp, I enjoyed myself pretty much during the past few days. Needless to say that sunny weekends are…amazing. However, after breakfast on a promising Sunday, it hit me: I didn’t get any sh*t done. So how does one compensate for a few days of not giving a damn? Lucky you! Here’s how I get things done […]

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