Jacquard pattern

Jacquard Patterned Fountains

ENG | Happy Thursday peeps! This is my first day of a long weekend. Yay! In celebration of my time off, I wanted to put my new jacquard pattern shirt to use in this tailored urban look. I am still completely obsessed with the pattern, color and feel of the fabric.

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Red Leathered Construction Site

ENG |Red increases your pulse and heart rate. It raises your blood pressure and increases the appetite by giving your metabolism a little boost. This is why red is such a popular color in restaurants. As for me, it raises my shopping instinct, hence I’ve spotted this piece right away across the store.

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Grid Co-ordinate

ENG | Do you know those days when you’re going crazy in front of your wardrobe because you can’t find a matching shirt to the pants you so desperately want to wear? If it is going to be a sunny day, I have the perfect solution for the indecisive.

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Calvin Klein behind Curtains

Hey there everyone! ENG | I am sure some of you can relate: you come back from an excessive shopping trip only to find yourself back home with a piece you’re not sure when and how to wear. You simply fell in love with it at the store and just had to have it. Usually, pieces […]

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