Masculine Botanicals – Aesop for Men Review

“Naughty boy!” I called myself. “You’ve been a very naughty boy!” I yelled, spanked myself softly, and then looked with sparkling eyes at my shopping bag from Aesop! This bittersweet moment when your mind wants to tell you that you’ve spent way too much money on skincare products but is overpowered by the mere joy of your heart. It’s addictive.

Still, I can justify my purchase easily. As your skin gets used to the products it is being exposed to, you should spice things up every once in a while. And since seasonal changes in weather are putting our skin under lots of stress, I’ve decided to change to this new Aesop skincare routine. These goodies are now empty after months of testing, so I am happy to share my Aesop for Men Review with you.

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Rugby Mask – Caffeine Kick for Your Skin

ENG | Alright, alright…calling this one a rugby mask is me trying to give this coffee cocoa facial mask a more manly connotation. But at the end of the day, you just look like a muddy rugby player who had a demanding match out on the field. Either way, even when you follow your skincare […]

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Foreo Luna for Men Review

Good Vibrations – FOREO LUNA for MEN Review

ENG | About a year ago, I had been quite dissatisfied with my skincare routine. Not with the process itself (remember: cleanse, tone, moisturize), but even after switching to different skincare products I was left with dull looking skin. So something needed to change. After endless hours of watching Youtube’s brightest and finest beauty gurus, […]

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Skincare Routine for Men

Basic Skincare Routine for Men

ENG | I was quite hesitant as to whether or not post this. Why? Because when I say “basics” I mean basics. Most of you will think “Daniel…we know this!” However, recently I came across guys (and ladies #notkidding) who didn’t have a skincare regimen, believing that an occasional grease with expired moisturizer will do! Well, it won’t. […]

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