Being Pampered at Hotel Palace Berlin

Yeah, I am going to pithily quote John F. Kennedy by stating “Ich bin ein Berliner.” In case your command of German is rather expandable, let me put my superb translation skills to work. In a nutshell, “Ich bin ein Berliner” means that I am a Berlin born and raised hipster-prick whose formidable pride for his hometown is deeply rooted in his DNA.

This being said, I might be the worst Berlin tour guide for this very reason. I can’t exactly pinpoint why. I assume people tend to take their hometown for granted, so much so that they become oblivious to its distinctiveness. Nahh, I am exaggerating again…

Still, if people asked me to recommend places to stay I used to be baffled. Why the heck would I know where tourists like to stay? So, for obvious reasons, you understand why my repertoire of hotel experiences in Berlin might be limited. However, I am glad this has changed.

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Solid cologne

Bon Voyage with Solid Cologne

Imagine you don’t have to worry about breaking an expensive bottle of cologne in your luggage or fitting it into these ridiculous size restrictions. Traveling with solid colognes is just one of many gambits to keep your liquids at a minimum when exploring the world.  From Lush to Loccitane, more and more companies are starting to offer this alternative way of […]

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Ancient Trails

My lungs burn. While taking in the cool air that hovers underneath the treetops, my system flushes out all these urban toxins my body and soul were exposed to over the past few months. I love the city; I like being busy. However, while we constantly enjoy many privileges only urban life has to offer, we tend to […]

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