#Urbanconfessions: 5 Reasons Why I Love My Resting Dick Face

Resting Dick Face

ENG | I suffer from a serious, incurable condition. Even though 99% of the time I am not mad, starving, constipated or overly bored, my face gives off those obvious f*ck-you-vibes. I have Chronic Resting Dick Face Disorder (CRDF), and as a result strangers assume that I’m a sad, rude, or a prison fugitive. How have I been diagnosed? Well, apart from some people constantly asking me “Are you ok?”, others have told me this to my dick face…right before I’ve slaughtered them of course. #dontmesswithme

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Ancient Trails

My lungs burn. While taking in the cool air that hovers underneath the treetops, my system flushes out all these urban toxins my body and soul were exposed to over the past few months. I love the city; I like being busy. However, while we constantly enjoy many privileges only urban life has to offer, we tend to […]

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