High-Waisted Pants – Raising the line

So many things are getting slimmer these days: iPhones, tablets, suits and ties. It all works for me. Except for skinny jeans. And that’s why I turned my eyes on these high-waisted pants

Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could wear a pair of slim-fit pants. But I can’t. Literally! Because – apparently – I have deformed body proportions. Whenever I try on slim-fit or skinny pants, I would come to realise that my calves are too…voluminous. J

This bottom line: slim-fit pants that fit around my calves are way too loose around my hips. And frankly speaking, this looks like I am wearing diapers…or I took a dump in those pants without a diaper. Same same but different?

In the end of the day, none of these cuts have worked for me so far (let me know if you know a brand that works for people with inflated calves). Thus, I was incredibly happy once I’ve gotten my hands on these high-waisted pants. Styled with a Polo shirt and some accessories, they make a great – slightly vintage-inspired – look you could easily put off anywhere.


Pants | Polo | Scarf | Gloves | Zara

Shoes | Sunnies | ASOS


High-Waisted PantsHigh-Waisted PantsHigh-Waisted PantsHigh-Waisted Pantsimg_2502High-Waisted Pants

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