Naval Stroke of Luck

Everything in life has its assets and drawbacks, and blogging is no exception to this. Blogging can be quite challenging at times. I am not going to lie about this, but I am not going to whine about this either. Eventually, it has been my own choice to create this creative outlet next to a demanding full-time job.

In this post however, I want to highlight one aspect of my blogging life that makes me appreciate it even more: finding these hidden gems of charming spots in my neighbourhood. As bloggers we are always on the hunt for enchanting scenery – a special background that enhances the outfit and transports the mood we wish to convey. This is easier said than done though.

I have moved to Düsseldorf fairly recently (almost a year ago), thus blogging has been a great way of exploring my new surroundings. Most of the times, I have planned my shootings way ahead: I know which outfit I want to shoot and I know the place to do so, but occasionally I would take a different approach. Like this time, I would turn off the navigation system and let coincidence take over. And every once in a while, I would spot that magical place which I would not have found without the urge to find a nice place to shoot an outfit at.

I have spent a wonderful afternoon at this seemingly hidden place at the river. I am still amazed how deserted and quiet this place has been, bearing in mind it was an only 10 min drive away from the city. And…I feel this outfit does this place justice. Clearly, the centerpiece of this outfit is this silky navy blue shirt with beige seams from Zara. It is very lightweight. You can literally feel every breeze, thus this is perfect for the beach. I color-matched the shorts to the shirt’s seams and finished the look off with these woven leather sandals from ASOS and my favourite sunnies from Reclaimed Vintage. To me, this is a great beach outfit for men.

But I am still wondering…perhaps we should plan less and get struck by luck more often!?


Shirt | Zara

Shorts | Zara

Shoes | ASOS


beach outfit for menbeach outfit for men beach outfit for menbeach outfit for men IMG_1279 Kopie             IMG_1277 Kopiebeach outfit for men

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