Blue Lumberjack Shirt by Selected

Blue Lumberjack Sunday Vibes

    Sometimes I do wonder if I need an additional day between Saturday and Sunday! 🙂 As so often in life, I feel time is passing by way too quickly. During the week, work keeps us busy anyways and I find it quite difficult to get other things done. Don’t we all have just […]

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Pumpkin Pasta Delight

If you think pasta is boring then I will prove that black is white: pumpkin pasta with roasted walnuts! Especially during this season, I love indulging myself and others with lovely comfort food. Both pasta and pumpkins are incredibly versatile ingredients. So if you are looking for a dish that puts fall and winter flavours to work, […]

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A Guide to Whisky Tasting

Whisky for Beginners – A Gentlemen’s Guide to Whisky Tasting

I proudly consider myself being a part of that particular group of people who do not function well in the morning. All too frequently and yet unintentionally, I re-enact The Walking Dead when finding my way to work through morning’s hell called rush hour. My employer’s best investment – at least in my humble opinion […]

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