Keeping a Cool whilst Saving the World

Balmuda Greenfan

ENG | I love starting my day with a shower. I enjoy stepping under that warm curtain of water while still dozing. It’s this moment of peace accompanied by the therapeutic splatter of water in the morning that makes my day. In fact, most of my ideas I get either in my dreams (don’t laugh!) or when being half asleep under the shower. Gosh, I could stay there for hours but sadly there are two things keeping me from it: my employer and the environment.

In our daily lives, we rely on so many materials. Wood, metal, glass, plastics and energy all have environmental consequences, which – sometimes – we tend to ignore. Still, I am sure we all take some advice to heart like walking or riding our bike instead of taking the car, using energy-saving light bulbs, re-using plastic bags or turning off appliances when we are not using them.

Now, with summer being right around the corner, we’re all getting our fans ready as nobody wants to lay in bed sweaty. And thanks to the BALMUDA GREENFAN, we now can enjoy our fans without a bad conscience.

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Naval Stroke of Luck

Everything in life has its assets and drawbacks, and blogging is no exception to this. Blogging can be quite challenging at times. I am not going to lie about this, but I am not going to whine about this either. Eventually, it has been my own choice to create this creative outlet next to a […]

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Get things done

How to Get Sh*t Done on Sundays

ENG | Yepp, I enjoyed myself pretty much during the past few days. Needless to say that sunny weekends are…amazing. However, after breakfast on a promising Sunday, it hit me: I didn’t get any sh*t done. So how does one compensate for a few days of not giving a damn? Lucky you! Here’s how I get things done […]

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Jacquard pattern

Jacquard Patterned Fountains

ENG | Happy Thursday peeps! This is my first day of a long weekend. Yay! In celebration of my time off, I wanted to put my new jacquard pattern shirt to use in this tailored urban look. I am still completely obsessed with the pattern, color and feel of the fabric.

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