H&M – My Partner in Crime

In hindsight, the story I am going to tell you might seem hilarious.¬†BUT I just want to let you know that I almost got put in jail for shooting this outfit for you guys. ūüėÄ

So where does the story begin? Well, my dearest blogger colleague Lucy Van Dean¬†(make sure to stop by her blog) reminded me a few days ago, that H&M – in cooperation with Bloglovin’ – is hosting¬†the “Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year” contest. So, although I am aware that I don’t have a serious chance of winning, I was like “yeah, sure…I am going to shoot a great H&M summer outfit.” My last week had been quite busy and I was overdue posting an outfit post anyways. Thus, this morning I put this outfit together and we were driving to this stunning shooting location. It’s a museum that was created on grounds which used to be a NATO¬†rocket base and¬†showcases a collection of oriental and modern art. We arrived quite early as we wanted to avoid prying eyes of visitors. Yeah, I am still self-conscious about shooting at crowded places. People seem not to understand that narcissists have feelings, too. ūüėČ

Anyways, we’ve parked the car nearby and were walking towards the location – with a few joggers crossing our way. We’ve taken the first few shots and then it happened. A police car approached the location. Two police officers – who seemed slightly¬†annoyed that¬†their well deserved end of the nightshift got disturbed by a wanna-be-fashionisto, came towards us. “Did you touch anything?” one officer asked in a quite determined tone. I’ve explained that we’ve arrived like three minutes ago, assumed this was a public place, were only about to shoot a few pictures and did NOT touch anything. He’s like “IDs please!” Wow…seriously? We asked what this was all about. We were told that something triggered the alarm, hence their presence on site. My company looked at me and said with a perky smile “I bet they’ll take us in!”

Long story short, after checking our IDs, the police officers told us everything was fine and we could continue taking pictures. What a relief. However, I am also 100% sure that if they’d taken us in, I would have had the most fashionable mug shot ever!


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