Silver Linings

Risky endeavor? Count me in, mate!

I have to admit that I have always been drawn to the risky side of things… being adventurous, taking a chance, living life to the fullest and avoiding the regrets of not having done something. However, truth be told, I have found myself sometimes in darker places – periods in my life where I was questioning that exact spirit of taking decisions in life.


Head vs Gut

Recently, I was looking back at a crossroad, wondering whether I have gone down the right path. I am not trying to be overly dramatic here. I am sure you can relate. Everyone had to take decisions that seemed utterly important at some point.

Obviously, these decisions shouldn’t be taken halfheartedly. I remember vividly those sleepless nights when my head just tries to find those arguments that outweigh the others. Usually though, I find such arguments illusory anyways as there is no guarantee for the perfect outcome anyways.

Silver Linings and the Big Picture


Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

So what do you do? No matter how hard my head tries, my gut always seems to win and interestingly – life working in mysterious ways – it has never disappointed. Although you might go through troubled times, I say “keep going and trust your gut instinct”. Everything happens for a reason, you just don’t see the big picture yet. 🙂

I strongly believe that there are things that can’t be resolved by rationale. Don’t even try to fight it. As for me, I still facing doubts here and there. However, once I have come to my senses I thank my digestive system, cross that junction in a Hugo Boss suit and be like “watch me b*tches”! 😉


The Look

suit // Hugo Boss

shoes // Bugatti

belt // Zara

bag // Zara

shades // Polo Ralph Lauren

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