Suited Flowers – A Story of Trial and Error

It’s a Sunday morning and those early, warm rays of sun are caressing my skin. I’d blink with an eye – internally debating whether to stay in those heavenly blankets or whether to get up early. Of course, the latter it is. After my 15-minute morning yoga routine I am all set, indulging in my fresh, homemade detox smoothie and ready to start the day. Today, I am going to shoot another outfit for the blog. A piece of cake, considering I am a self-proclaimed men’s fashion expert.

First, I would choose the core piece…that one item the look will be built on. Obviously, I choose those lovely, floral pants. Flowers and floral pieces are still trending…not indefinitely…but still long enough to dedicate at least one more blogpost to it. Sure? Yeah, I simply know those kind of things. I am an expert on menswear after all.

The rest is second nature. My mind is already thinking “shooting locations” whilst my hands are picking the complementary fashion items to orchestrate this impeccable look.

I am satisfied with this outfit. Especially since I put it together so easily. You – on the other hand – are still wondering whether what you read right now is for real …or a hoax.

Awww, I knew I couldn’t fool you. This is all bulls**t.

The Truth About These Floral Pants

When it comes to fashion, I am most likely following the approach of trial and error. Originally, a methodology to solve simple problems. Now, my methodology for solving big problems…like “how-to-wear-these-kind-of-pants”-problems. Problems, where no apparent rule applies. Well, some bloggers might disagree with me here. Especially those who propagate rules on how to wear things a certain way. But let’s ignore those and pretend no rules apply to fashion.

One tries, fails and repeats. By the way, failures are simply defined by the fact that I don’t like the outfit. Period. So I continue my varied attempts…I try, fail, repeat. I do this until success. Or until frustration and boredom catch up. Either way, what I am trying to say is… I fell in love with those floral pants…a year ago! And it actually took me three attempts to shoot these. #nokiddin’

The first time, I’ve styled those pants horribly. And despite me being pro #norulesapply to fashion, there are certain things that aren’t meant to be published on a blog and one should be prosecuted for when doing otherwise.

The second attempt was also styled disastrously. However, the second shooting was primarily characterized by my bad modelling skills paired with my muffin-top’s eagerness to hog the limelight. Tough.

Third attempt. I am happy. I really like this outfit. Especially the rather formal blazer in combination with the lively pattern of the floral pants. The pictures look great. You can even see me smile for once in while :-p

Thus, you like this outfit, too. If you don’t, you’re wrong. Why? Because I tried three times.

That’s why we love fashion. It let’s us try, it let’s fail, it keeps us going until we succeed.


Blazer | Cinque

Shirt | Jake*s

Floral Pants | Zara

White Sneaker | Zara

IMG_1424b IMG_1458bIMG_1453b
IMG_1470 KopieIMG_1463b IMG_1455

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