‘Cause Indiana Jones wears one, too! – Men’s Leather Bag

“It’s not a man purse. It’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one!”

-Alan, The Hangover

Nowadays, there are certain accessories that every guy should own: an elegant watch for some out-of-this-world #wristporn, some sleek shoes and – of course – a chic men’s leather bag. Still, the man purse aka “murs” seems to be a polarizing item for guys to carry around. But I believe that those days of stuffing one’s pockets with numerous things should belong to the past. Let’s all become like Indiana Jones and claim our urban jungle of style.

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Yellow Shoes for the Indecisive

Neither fish nor fowl, I feel this summer has been a little unpredictable. Most days feel like gambling – not being sure if the chosen outfit would match the actual weather. One could claim the sun has been very indecisive, but who am I to blame? I can be quite indecisive myself, for instance when […]

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Shades of Zara

ENG | Folks,  the sun is shining! Occasionally at least…enough for me to showcase the most recent addition to my shades collection. Although I wanted to avoid speaking of addictions again, I simply cannot neglect my affection to this fashion accessory.

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