Timecists and a prank that’s still on my bucketlist

Yes, it’s time to talk about something quite elusive: TIME

In my previous post Blue Lumberjack Sunday Vibes I have mentioned my intense craving for an additional day between Saturday and Sunday. I know, I  know…I am whining. However, when you come of a certain age, time becomes precious. So, one might say you shall use your remaining time wisely. Well, that’s too cheesy for me. I’d say, work hard, play harder and be wise later :-p


Prank Outstanding

So, I have recently re-visited my bucketlist and came to realize that there is still a prank outstanding. The only problem I have: I keep laughing just thinking about it! I need some serious meditation practice to brace myself in order to pull it off. Anyways, let me walk you trough it.

Imagine me walking into a store and going straight to the checkout. Preferably, I am pushing in and jumping a queue. It’s no fun if no one is watching, right? In a slightly agitated voice I ask the cashier what day it is? “The 23rd of January?” I say. “No, I mean…what year?”

Hopefully, the baffled cashier will tell me that it is 2016. Then I pause a few moments to then pull of some insane facial expressions. All of a sudden, I will keep screaming “It worked! I can’t believe it! It worked” whilst running out of the store with my hands in the air. 😉


Don’t hate people because they are from the future

However, I didn’t know that this prank is potentially a dangerous one to put into practice. I mean, you’ll never know if timecists are nearby. Don’t know who timecists are? Well, according to the urban dictionary a timecist is

Someone who is prejudice against people that are from a different time. It could be people from the future or the past or even someone from the present.

Great! Haters seem to always find people to bully. You know what? People from the future have feelings, too! So treat them with respect, will ya? Well, I suppose I need to keep fighting for people-from-the-future-equality before I can strike my prank off my bucketlist. Until then, let’s keep track of time with some classy watches.

Watch // Skagen



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