Unexspected Winter Wonderland

It’s a quiet Friday night. That’s where today’s story begins. On my way back home from work I listen to the radio. While doing so, I dangerously distract passing cars, because I look like a mad man behind wheels. I am dancing and singing at the top of my voice to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you”. And I do this as awkwardly as I possibly can. But I don’t care – it’s the beginning of the weekend after all.

In between sweaty dance moves and traffic reports I hear the current weather forecast. Spring is upon us they say. So I immediately think that shooting this season’s first spring-ish outfit for the blog would be a great idea…

This is what it remained to be – and idea – because what we’ve encountered the next morning was everything but a springlike event. It was freakin’ winter wonderland!

No big deal

Change of plans. I put my spring wardrobe back into the depths of my closet. It’s no big deal. We live in a world of imperfect information – surprises are guaranteed. And this is certainly not limited to the weather forecast only. I mean, would you have predicted the Brexit to actually happen? Don’t get me even started on Trump…

So, ambiguity is now part of our lives and while I enjoy it occasionally, I still find it very surprising when others seem to be completely incapable of coping with the unexpected.

Wishful thinking

Aren’t the best memories the ones we didn’t expect to happen? Isn’t plan B usually more rewarding than plan A? If you are facing the unexpected, I strongly believe that you shouldn’t waste time wishing things were different. Instead, assess and acknowledge the new situation, commit to plan B and make the most of it.

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to start with a blank page – just as white as this freakin’ winter wonderland …



Turtleneck | New Look

Pants | H&M

Coat | Selected Homme

Shoes | Bugatti Shoes

Bag | Zara

Glasses | JeepersPeepers


winter wonderland winter wonderland winter wonderlandwinter wonderlandwinter wonderland

 winter wonderland

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